Child Safety

Port Melbourne Secondary College’s Child Safety Policy demonstrates our school’s commitment to creating and maintaining a child safe and child-friendly organisation, where children and young people are safe and feel safe. 

It informs our school community of everyone’s obligations to act safely and appropriately towards children and guides our processes and practices for the safety and wellbeing of students across all areas of our work. 

Our Child Safety Code of Conduct sets out the expected behaviour of adults with children and young people in our school. 

All Port Melbourne Secondary College (Port) staff, volunteers, contractors, service providers, school council members and any other adult involved in child-connected work must follow the Child Safety Code of Conduct. 

The Child Safety Code of Conduct applies to all physical and online environments used by students. It also applies during or outside of school hours and in other locations provided by the school for student use (for example, a school camp). 

Mobile Phones

The attached Mobile Phone Policy explains the Department of Education and Port Melbourne Secondary College’s policy requirements and expectations relating to students using mobile phones during school hours.

Other Policies

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