Design thinking is at the heart of our learning program. We encourage all students to explore new ideas, think critically and apply their thinking to real world problem solving across a range of disciplines.

As part of our educational approach, students participate in Ignite Week and Evolve, working in teams to collaborate with experts from the innovation precinct to identify and attempt to solve a genuine human-centred problem.

These programs help consolidate students’ understanding of creative problem solving strategies, and develop critical thinking, communication and collaborative skills.


Systems, Manufacturing, Robotics and Technology: education the SMaRT way.

In Years 7 & 8 all students participate in our SMaRT program, designed to introduce them to new and innovative creative technologies. Working in our dedicated robotics and fabrication labs, students explore digital media, 3D printing and design, robotics and manufacturing processes, building their knowledge, understanding and skills across a range of materials, processes and design practices.


Our High Ability Learning Extension (HALE) program is offered to students in Years 7 to 9 who demonstrate strong academic abilities and potential. The program has a particular focus on extending and enriching learning for students who require additional challenge in the classroom.

The HALE program provides an opportunity for students to engage with challenging, stimulating learning that is tailored to meet the needs of students capable of outstanding academic achievement. It places a greater emphasis on higher order thinking skills, complex problem solving, independent learning and research. Enrichment is provided by broadening and deepening content and context, and through nurturing skills and capabilities appropriate to the student’s stage of development. Students are extended through in-depth study and the integration and application of knowledge at a higher level.

For more information about HALE or how to apply, please click here.



  • Student Leaders

    Our students play a key role in supporting, developing and representing our school. Our Everyday Leaders program equips them with the skills to develop into compelling communicators and role models for their peers.

    Any student can join the Everyday Leaders program, which is designed to help them grow and practise their personal and social leadership abilities in a safe and supportive environment.

  • Clubs and Houses

    Clubs and extracurricular activities add to the rich life of our college. Clubs are run by both staff and students and change each year based on student feedback.

    Our Basketball Academy, AFL Academy and Aikido programs provide high-level instruction and specialist coaching to extend students throughout their time at Port. From instrumental music to bicycle maintenance, run club to hospitality, there’s an activity to suit everyone.

    Established by our foundation students, our Houses build connection, belonging and community across the college, through shared activities and friendly, House competition. Each student is allocated to a House upon enrolment, and students from all year levels get to know each other as they participate in a range of fun activities and challenges with their Housemates.

    Created in consultation with the Boonwurrung Land and Sea Council, our four Houses – Nerm, Wirraway, Birrarung and Murnong – honour the land and waters upon which our college is founded.