12 December 2022 - Anne

One community, four Houses

After a long period of thinking, planning and consultation, our student leadership crew were proud to announce our new House system this month. Houses help create a sense of connection, belonging and community across the college, through shared activities and friendly, whole school competition. Each student is allocated to a House upon enrolment, and unlike class groups, House groups are vertical in nature, so students from years 7 – 12 get to know each other as they work together across a range of fun events, challenges and competitions.

Created in consultation with the Boonwurrung Land and Sea Council, our House names honour the land and waters upon which our college is founded, with each House named after a feature of the natural landscape that existed before colonisation and urban development. 

Nerm (Port Phillip Bay) represents our connection to the significant waterways around us. Nerm House is symbolised by our college colour, Seagrass, reflecting the colour of the water of the bay. 

Wirraway is the land upon which our college is built, and its meaning – interpreted as both challenge and adventure – reflects our college value, Endeavour. Wirraway is symbolised by our college colour, Burnt Orange, representing the colour of the land.

Birrarung (Yarra river) is named for the river that snakes through our city and is believed to have helped shape the area now known as Fishermans Bend. Birrarung is symbolised by the college colour, Charcoal, reflecting the bluestone found near the banks of the river in Melbourne.

Murnong (yam daisy) was an important and abundant local food source for the Boonwurrung and Wurunjeri Aboriginal peoples. Murnong is symbolised by the college colour, white, which represents the colour of this native yam.

We acknowledge and thank Willie Pepper and Aunty Fay Muir for their guidance and support through the development of our Houses.