22 November 2022 - Anne

A shiny new brand!

We were delighted to congratulate our graphic designer, Ian Scott, Director of designIS, on his Gold award in the 2022 Melbourne Design Awards for the creation of our college branding and identity. Ian’s design work stylishly marries the history of our location with the progressive direction of our college, and as Ian explained:

“Our response needed to incorporate the Principal’s bold vision of an innovative, dynamic, inner-city school that connected meaningfully with its new community, and tertiary institutions and businesses in the local technology hub.

With a focus on exploration, innovation and connection, and the distinctive ship-inspired physical structure of the building, a nautical flag theme emerged and became the central focus of the brand design. It created a distinctive point-of-difference from any other Melbourne school and strongly reinforced the essence of the brand. The concept of utilising these functional, traditional communication symbols with meanings that to some, were not instantly obvious, and transform them into a bold mark, ticked all the boxes. If a viewer works out something for themselves, they connect more intensely to that brand or question they have ‘solved’. The flags for P, O, R and T were individually strong and interesting, but different enough to create a visually exciting solution when brought together.”

Our architects, Billard Leece Partnership, have also been recognised for their outstanding work in creating our beautiful building and facilities, coming second in the 2022 Victorian School Design Awards.