17 November 2023 - PMSC

Ignite Week 2023

Blending our commitment to community engagement with our learning and teaching model, Ignite Week 2023 was once again a huge success! Aligned with our design thinking instructional approach and structured as a design sprint, Ignite Week provides a practical way to connect ‘school learning’ to ‘life learning’, helping our students to draw connections between knowledge and application to make learning meaningful.

Mentors from local industry joined our students for the week, bringing with them a human-centred problem from their own workplace to challenge our students’ thinking.

Across the week, our mentors worked with small student teams, helping prompt ideas and facilitate deep thinking about industry problems and the ways organisations attempt to manage and solve them. Our students were tasked with the challenge of providing a solution to their mentor’s real world problem, and at the end of the week, each group took their turn in the spotlight, presenting their solution to their families, peers and a panel of judges in a short ‘shark tank’ pitch. Well done to all our Year 7s for their hard work, collaboration and creativity!