3 October 2023 - PMSC

Evolve Week

Building upon Ignite Week, this September we launched a new Year 8 program, Evolve. Evolve builds students’ understanding of the way communities develop over time, and the role industry and community organisations play in building successful communities.

Collaborating in small teams, students partnered with industry experts to explore a problem that exists in their local community, working through a design thinking sprint to come up with possible solutions to a local issue. With a focus on the many and varied issues that might exist for local residents – from infrastructure and transport demands, to tourism, health or consumer needs – small teams explored issues as diverse as accessible play spaces, reusable clothing and improvements in animal welfare and management.

Students also visited local environmental and charitable organisations, volunteering with community groups who serve our local area.

Expert mentors worked with teams to define problem parameters, explore practical solutions and facilitate critical thinking about the ways industry works with stakeholders to improve communities.

A highlight of our program was the involvement of our fantastic team of mentors, who generously gave their time and expertise to help our students learn across the program… we loved seeing their ideas ‘evolve’!