22 November 2022 - Anne

Snores for a cause – rooftop sleep-out

In August our student leadership crew planned their first charity event, a fundraiser to support the Vinnies Winter Sleepout appeal. Twenty students committed to ‘sleeping rough’ on our college decks in the middle of winter, to gain a little insight into the uncomfortable experience of sleeping out in the cold that many people face each year in Melbourne. Raising $2000 was an important element of our sleepout, but students also spent time reflecting on how hard the experience of homelessness might be for those who live it each day.

Run in conjunction with the Sleepout was our Port Lapathon, which took place during our
Athletics Carnival. Families, students and staff ran and walked laps of the athletics track for the duration of the carnival, clocking up kilometres – and dollars – across a four-hour period.
Well done to all involved!